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About us

lifematrix GmbH is a well established Swiss company with its main associates located within Europe, Turkey, North Cyprus and in the Turkic Countries. The basis of the company is its chain of distribution within the health service sector, comprised of doctors, hospitals, clinics and beauty centers.   "let connections enhance your life"   this is the daily guidance of lifematrix GmbH. It serves as a compass for decisions, actions, and the future developments of the company. Through this, the customer receives a unique...  [read more]


The selection of, and ways of cooperation with our distributors, who are only doctors, within the health care service sector is determined according to the product in question. In doing this, the demographic and social structures in the specific area are taken into account. We evaluate every application according to specific conditions and requirements, and have a clear vision of how we collaborate with our distributors.   This procedure is a part of our culture, marking the reliability and stability of our company. The main...  [read more]


Established relationships with trustworthy partners are the key to success. In the recent years, we have developed our network according to the need for our projects. We have close contacts in all areas of expertise, and therefore have access to a vast amount of valuable information.   Our business partners are internationally active companies with long-standing business experience.   Since our business relations are based on sustainability, we carefully select our business partners and the products we plan to...  [read more]


We are a well-combined team of specialists from various areas of expertise. As a “Team” lifematrix strives to be among the best there is in line with its structure and organization.  A great deal of attention is put on a respectful cooperation, emphasising our values both internally and externally. In other words: appreciation of achievement, commitment, responsibility, mutual sensitivity to one another, sincerity, as well as being open to critism.

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